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opera mundi

A hand-made film by Nicolas Rey (1999)
One hour - Black and white - Triple 16 mm

Subject doesn't matter. Grab moments of reality, following your desires, without first judging the coherence of the whole. Wander. Trust the pictures Ğ and the sounds.

Slowly, confront the first pieces and discover what your desires meant. Put aside certain shots that don't fit. Shoot more; complete the composition, trying not to reduce it to a "story". Reconsider the elements you left aside. Keep going.

The "really upside-down world" stands behind our eyes. Each of us is a social body.

Technical specifications: (Possibly, I can come with my own equipment)

. 3 x 16mm portable projectors with zoom lenses & receiving spools
. 1 CD player with appropriate amplification
. 1 stand approx. 150*80cm, height 120cm
. 1 screen (ratio 1:1.8)


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This film is distributed by Light Cone

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