Article 4. — The public is due to obey the commands given to them by the employees of the skilift in order to observe the disposals of the present regulations or to avoid any disorder.

The skiers have access to the departure lane one after the other, holding their two sticks in one hand and following the path materialised by the signs and fences arranged for that purpose.

They take the pole that the employee gives them, one after the other, and hold on for departure using the strength of their arms without sitting down on their skis.

Access to the skilift is reserved to skiers wearing their skis and in possession of a transportation voucher.

Access to persons under the influence of alcohol or in an abnormal state is forbidden.

Access to children can be restricted, in particular if the height under the skilift cable becomes too large (poor snow coverage).

If the audience form the workers of the film, does that make me the boss ?


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